Corriere Rosa


5 thousand square metres at a height of 10 metres dedicated to logistics, goods receiving yard and a 3-storey office building. A modern repair shop completes the facility.

Our company

una posizione ideale per i trasporti nazionali e internazionali

The headquarters of Corriere Rosa is located in a strategic area of Trentino, in the city of Ala, along the Verona-Brenner-Monaco axis, a location that constitutes an ideal starting point for national transport as well as for international transport bound for Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, England, France and the Baltic countries.

Il nostro parco mezzi


Corriere Rosa
Sede Legale
Via Piave, 67
Ledro (TN)
Sede Operativa e amministrativa
Loc. Cerè
Ala (TN)
Tel. +39 0464678511
Fax. +39 0464672618
P.Iva 00617650221
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